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IWC - MARK XVIII EDITION PILOT'S WATCH "TRIBUTE TO MARK XI"HOMAGE TO THE PASTAlmost 70 years once the first Mark II model, the watchmaker from Schaffhausen brings this iconic pilot's watch up to date with a stylistically simple, limited edition which has a self-winding mechanism.In 1948, inside the IWC workshops in Schaffhausen , a timepiece was produced for air-force pilots, mainly through the Royal Air Force, and easily named the possible XI Pilot's Watch. It turned out still being produced in the first 1980s, and it was then redesigned in 1994 to produce a model aimed more in the average man or woman, the potential XII Pilot's Watch. This year, almost 70 years later, IWC is paying homage to this legendary watch using an edition confined to 1,948 pieces: the possible XVIII Edition Pilot's Watch "Tribute to Mark XI". A lengthy, complex good name for a timepiece which is not complicated whatsoever patek philippe perpetual watches .The Mark XVIII Edition Pilot's Watch "Tribute to Mark XI" is first and foremost a watch having a simple design, a rather traditional look along with a reasonable size, adapted to male and female wrists alike.The steel case is 40mm wide and 10.8mm thick; it is designed with a soft iron inner case, protecting the mechanism from magnetic fields and sudden depressurisation. The mechanism itself is the calibre 35111, a mechanical movement running at 28,800 vibrations 1 hour and providing 42 hours of autonomy.The black dial on this new watch made by IWC features the famous yellow cross consisting of four rectangles coated in sand-coloured luminous material and added to the cardinal points cheap replica watches . The beige colour is echoed on the central hour and minute hands. The Arabic numerals round the hour rim, as well as the minute track running along the chapter ring, replica breitling emergency watch are coloured white.Price on request.By Sharmila Bertin patek philippe watch replica
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